The two greatest climbers of their generation, Chuck Pratt and Royal Robbins, study the route above to see what it holds for them.  Now, in the early ‘60s, and here, atop the El Cap Spire half way up El Capitan, the two climbers enjoy the peak of their game.  Royal was the prima facie leader of Yosemite’s Golden Age and Chuck’s ability naturally connected him with Yosemite granite.

    Pat Ament wrote:  “No three climbers were ever more intimate with Yosemite or with El Capitan than Robbins, Pratt, and Frost.  More than any other route, this great wall, the southwest face of El Capitan , became a symbol of perfect friendship combined with the perfect route.  It was the ultimate Yosemite adventure.  Climbers for years to come would place their hands and feet on the same holds and drive their bodies up the same cracks, almost as though the purpose was as much to feel the souls of those three pioneer climbers as it was to reach the top.”  (Wizards of Rock)




THE TWO GREATEST CLIMBERS of their generation, Chuck Pratt and Royal Robbins atop El Cap Spire, the Salathé Wall, El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California.  First ascent by Robbins, Pratt, and Frost, 9˝ days, September 1961.