High on the Nose of El Capitan in our final bivouac, the chef’s selection for the evening – as can be seen in Chuck’s photograph – is haute cuisine.  Not bad.  The day’s activity has been climbing and fixing ropes, and prusiking and hauling loads.  Now, a chance to refuel and recoup for Tom Frost, Joe Fitschen, and Royal Robbins.

        The wall is a friendly place.  A clean ledge, rewarding.  After these six days on the wall we felt a kinship with El Capitan and appreciated Its, and each others’, companionship.  In the southern sky, Sagittarius followed our progress, from Camp to numbered Camp, like an approving Father.

        Bivouacs were a favorite time for me.  They were an opportunity to recharge, express appreciation, feel the spirit of the wall, and be transported through a galaxy of stars.  It is the best type of camping.  The bivouac felt like a safe place, a safe harbor in good company.  And here, at Camp VI, we were expecting to top out the next day.

BIVOUAC AT CAMP VI, Frost, Fitschen, and Robbins, second ascent of the Nose of El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California by Royal Robbins, Chuck Pratt, Joe Fitschen, and Tom Frost, seven days, September 1960.